Route History

New one year contract

Hammersmith Lower Bus Station  -  Great West Road  -  Hogarth Roundabout  -  Chiswick Bridge  -  Mortlake High Street  -  Barnes Bridge Station  -  Lonsdale Road  -  Castelnau  -  Church Road  -  Barnes Pond  -  Barnes Bridge Station  -  Chiswick Bridge  -  Hogarth Roundabout  -  Great West Road  -  HAMMERSMITH Lower Bus Station
(circular route in this direction only). Operated by Metroline
Long term replacement service between Hammersmith and Barnes area via Chiswick Bridge (during closure of Hammersmith Bridge)

  Loaned from Uxbridge (UX) DE1606 waits departure from the Lower Bus Station at Hammersmith blinds not yet set for Castelnau LONSDALE ROAD


Taken from Mike Harris map dated 15.06.19
Greater London Bus Map