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Gentlemen , For the last year my site has benefited by Mike Harris allowing me to use his photographs which I am sure everyone will agree are excellent quality and cover the period from 1974 to 1996 comprehensively. Sadly there a few people that cannot just enjoy but feel the need to STEAL a lot of his work and publish elsewhere.  Mike has told me in no uncertain terms that if this piracy continues he will shut his photography site down which will be a great loss to our community. At Mike's request I am in the process of pruning.

If anyone spots any of his photos being published elsewhere please let me know and we can take measures to stop this theft immedaitely. This will benefit all of us.

The updates below - please look to recent dates, some live visuals have been added

88 General update
112 General update
117 General update
179 General update
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210 General update
212 General update