Route History

New service

ORPINGTON STATION - Station Road - Sevenoaks Road - Warren Road - The Highway - Orpington By Pass - Bucks Cross Road - Maypole Road - Hewitts Road - Wheathseaf Hill - London Road - Shoreham Lane - Knockholt Road - Harrow Road - Star Hill Road - Morants Court Road - London Road - Amherst Hill - London Road - St Botolph's Road - Dartford Road - SEVENOAKS Bus Station (Mon-Sat except evenings)
New Minibus Route operated by Roundabout.
Replaced former London Country Route 431

Outside Mon-Fri peaks southbound journeys operated from Station Road to Sevenoaks Road via Spur Road - Lancing Road - Mortimer Road - Homefield Road - and Orpington High Street
Certain journeys operated between Orpington and Wheatsheaf Hill via Spur Road - Court Road - and Orpington By Pass.
Certain journeys operated between Knockholt Road and Orpington via Route R5

FM1 Orpington Station

OV4 Sevenoaks Bus Station on the first day of operation


Last day of operation

A study of the timetable below kindly donated by Darius Grigg might solve a few of the mysteries of this complicated route

Operating Garages

OB Orpington
Crew Changeover point Orpington Station