This blind was taken from requisition sheet dated 1st April 1970 to be ready for 17th May 1970  (Full Blind )

An unusual feature of this blind was the non existence of garage journeys. LT at the time liked every journey to be earning revenue but as these were flat fare routes I am guessing the policy was  to collect fares only on the routes thus E2 has WEST EALING Drayton Bridge Road and E3 HANWELL Church Road which would be used for late running or Late meal reliefs. I seem to remember that all 3 routes had dead running from Greendord to HL via Iron Bridge.

This blind also had the quaint SYON PARK for Gardening Centre used on on Sunday for E1 and E2 which was the reason for the new blind being issued as this extension commenced on 17th May 1970

1976 map by Mike Harris

Taken from Mike Harris 1976 Historical Map
Greater London Bus Map

E1_MB503  MB503 seen at the County Court stand at Brentford
MB488 seen at the Red Lion Greenford about to have a rest at the Windmill Lane stand
MBS563 seen in Acton on a short working to Hanwell