45 153 214
    n2 n92      


This is a replica of the Metrobus blind issued to Holloway (HT) for 27.10.84

It is interesting to note that the 14,19,29,74,253 were not included although these routes were operated by HT at this time but I suppose if it was necessary to sub an RM with an M - they could put it ( them) on Route 4,27 or 45and this would be sufficent

There were 3 groups to minimise blind winding - the length was 36' 4" .

The groups were
(1) 4,45,C11
(2) 104 - 153 - 214 - 271 - N2 - N92 - N93
(3) 27

and these groups were usually seperated by a blank white blind which I would imagine would serve two purposes - (1) the driver would know when he came to end of his group and also a new display could be stuck over the blank in case of a new turning point being added

The C11 display is odd but this was on the blind schedule sent to Aldenham although this may have been corrected - I dont think the C11 has ever reached Holloway Road or Nags Head

There was also a note on the blind schedule stating that little used terminal points for Route N93 could be found in the 4 group

For those readers who would like to see the whole blind at once click here.