114 136


This is a replica of the blind issued to HARROW WEALD for commencement of 6th June 1987 schedules - the main reason for issue was the Route 183 introduction given that Hendon Garage ceased all operations on 5th June. The 143 was moved to Holloway (HT) and the 186 moved to Edgware (EW)

The 183 garage journey displays are quite unusual as are the displays for the 136
The H1 also operated from HD at this time but was restricted to single deck working only and therefore not included/

I must apologise for one major inconsistency - although I have shown the blinds to be in lower case in fact the instruction at this time was for all blinds to be in UPPER CASE. I must have a personality dsorder where this is concerned - I cannot abide by all upper case and is taken to an extreme if anyone sends me an email all upper case - I just won't read it but will reply asking the writer to convert.

There were 3 groups to minimise blind length - the length was 39' 10" .
The groups were:
(1) 114 / 136 / 140
(2) 183
(3) N18

For those readers who would like to see the whole blind at once click here.