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MARBLE ARCH  -  Oxford Street  -  Oxford Circus  -  Piccadilly Circus  -  Piccadilly  -  Knightsbridge  -  Brompton Road  -  South Kensington  -  Gloucester Road  -  Kensington High Street  - 
Notting Hill Gate  -  Bayswater Road  -  MARBLE ARCH ( Mon-Sat shopping hours ) circular in both directions
New Service using buses with a dedicated livery


RM59 seen on the first day at Bayswater Road

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London Transport introduced the Shoplinker service around the West-End stores. Again sponsorship was sought, but sponsors were found for only about half of the dedicated fleet. These, based at Stockwell, wore a special livery of red and yellow, and were fitted inside with speaker systems to play music and adverts. As expected, they were not a success (their raison d'etre was political not economic), and they were withdrawn at the end of the summer. All were immediately repainted red before resuming normal service, although some wrap-round advertising was retained until the contract expired. 
The buses involved were: 

 RM 59, RM 2139,  RM 2146,  RM 2151,  RM 2154,  RM 2159, RM 2162,  RM 2163,  RM 2167,  RM 2171,  RM 2172,  RM 2174, RM 2187,  RM 2188,  RM 2189,  RM 2207.

This informatio taken from Ian Smith's excellent RM Page

Last day of operation
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Operating Garages

SW Stockwell
Changeover at Marble Arch

As can be seen from the above picture the fare ( 30p ) was used in the blind but Route 30 operated on this Route between South Kensington and Selfridges which caused confusion and therefore the 30p was dropped after a time for a blank panel







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